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Industrial Recense

Recense took its first steps in 1953. They were not easy times, but without a doubt it is always the best scenario for creating projects which meet needs and are adaptable.
Germán López began his business venture that year by producing “industrial” sickles.

This was the beginning and the foundations of what Recense is today.
We are therefore a family business whose ‘modus operandi’ is based on:

  • Commitment to the environment that has seen it grow .
  • Collaboration and integrity in the management of each customer.
  • Innovation to provide solutions for our customers so they can continue to grow with us.
  • Exchange and design new ideas to open new markets.

This is all applied to :

  • Attachments for roofs, gutters, and facades.
  • Metallic fixtures for concrete structures and enclosures.
  • U-bolts and formation of wire pieces.


Customised Integrated Solutions


In response to new challenges in construction and for attachments, and in keeping with our maxim of not conforming to what has been done before, we formed a new department within the company: (SIA), dedicated to offering a solution to the problems our customers have and thus backing up our company motto: “Attachments customised to your needs”.

Quality policy


Competition in a global environment means offering the highest quality guarantees. Recense has gained the following certificates:

  • ISO 9000 by AENOR in 2000
  • Updated to ISO 9001 by AENOR in 2008
  • CE mark according to EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 by AENOR in 2016