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The objective of Auxiliary Integraled Solutions is to work with a customer that needs metal attachments according to the following steps:

  • Establish the product.
  • Make the necessary calculations to confirm the product is suitable.
  • Assess the production system based on the quantity and time required.
  • Manufacture the production die if required.
  • Series production and surface treatment.
  • Packing and delivery to the customer.


We were committed to two manufacturing lines: firstly, wire pieces and, secondly, stamping parts. Offering a global solution.

Therefore, we have a team of people capable of carrying out these tasks in a flexible and orderly manner, applying the latest production techniques as far as possible.

Material resources:

  • Tooling workshop, with 3D design, machining and cutting by thread.
  • laser cut.
  • Folding machine.
  • Stamping presses up to 250 tons.
  • Threading machine up to M72.
  • Automatic machines for manufacturing U-bolts up to M24.
  • 3D wire bending machine.
  • Automatic electrolytic zinc plating and powder coating installation.
  • Welding robot



  • Stainless steels (AISI 304 y 316)
  • High carbon steel for heat treatment
  • Corrugated steel


Measurements from M5 to M64