Surface treatments

Electropolishing: This cleaning and surface finishing process uses electric currents especially for stainless steel, to remove all impurities that could cause corrosion. It can also be used for copper, brass, and aluminium parts.

Hot dip galvanised: This is a surface treatment that helps protect the part against corrosion. This process consists of immersing the part in molten zinc at about 450°C, so that the part is protected by a thin layer of pure zinc.

Geomet: This coating consists of zinc and aluminium sheets within an inorganic matrix obtained by the application of aqueous dispersions performed by cold immersion or spraying. It is especially good for threaded parts, as it prevents traces of zinc from sticking to the thread, which might make it difficult to assemble the parts.

Zinc electroplating: The steel parts are placed in a zinc salt solution which is electrolysed, causing the zinc to be deposited on the entire surface of the part, thus protecting it against corrosion.



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